More than one in ten youngsters have already chased Pokémons at wheel
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    More than one in ten youngsters have already chased Pokémons at wheel

    © Belga
    There are worrying statistics on those playing Pokémon at the wheel.
    © Belga

    A total of 14% of young Walloon drivers (aged 18-34) admitted to having used, at least once, the mobile application Pokémon Go. More horrendously they have taken selfies whilst doing so.

    This emerges from an investigation by the Walloon Road Safety Agency (WRSA). A new campaign on the dangers of using a mobile telephone at the wheel is being launched today (Thursday).

    One in ten drivers regularly checks their telephone whilst driving. This comes out of the WRSA study, which questioned 1,000 drivers.

    One in twenty admit that regularly, even very regularly, they read or write SMSs or make calls without using a hands-free kit.

    However, the risks are very real: a one second lapse of concentration whilst driving at 90km/hour means 25 metres driven blind.

    Simply tapping your smartphone whilst driving multiplies the risk of accidents by a factor of 23.

    Drivers interviewed admit that in the majority of cases, conversations concern banal issues, which could could easily be put off.

    The WRSA and the Walloon Minister for Road Safety, Maxime Prévot (of the Humanist Democratic Centre), are launching a poster campaign to be undertaken during October on Walloon roads.

    The message “When at the wheel, no telephone” will go on the radio on French-speaking and Geman-speaking stations and will be on the exit barriers of the carparks in major Walloon shopping centres.

    A video will also be disseminated on social networks from mid-October.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times