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    The first Belgian swimming pool for dogs opens in Charleroi


    “Dog Center”, the Canine education and well-being centre in Charleroi, opened the first Belgian swimming pool for dogs on Friday. It can be for play but also for therapy, with a vet present.

    The “Dog Center” in Charleroi has been open since the 13th of May. It provides a long list of services for dogs. As well as obedience classes, it has a grooming parlour and a kennel that takes one dog at a time. There are also physiotherapy and massage facilities.

    The centre’s creators, Frédéric Sartenaer and Cédric Tilleux, opened the “Dog Pool” on Sunday. It’s the first swimming pool in Belgium only for dogs. “Our expert choose a high-tech filtration system that hoovers the surface to pick up hair”, explains Frédéric Sartenaer. “They disappear in 10 minutes and the pool is rinsed clean in one hour. Chlorine levels have been adapted, and the dogs are washed with natural shampoo after swimming. Water bowls are also available”.

    The “Dog Pool” can be booked for play or therapy. “A vet supervises hydrotherapy sessions. Sessions are private: everyone that rents it knows they will be alone with their dog or dogs”, says Frédéric Sartenaer. He left his old job as a librarian to start this new business. 

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)