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    Withdrawal of I.D. documents for youngsters going to Syria

    © Belga
    The policy of preventing youngsters leaving for Syria is starting to take effect.
    © Belga

    Around fifteen Belgians about to depart for Syria were deprived of their I.D. cards and passports by the Interior Minister, Jan Jambon (New Flemish Alliance) this year.
    The fifteen withdrawals targeted youngsters aged between 17 and 28, whose departure was imminent.

    The minister’s spokesman, who would not reveal their identity, said “I can assure you that their car engine was already warm.”

    He went on, “They were on the point of leaving for the conflict zone. In some cases, it was as close as that.”

    The youngsters are originally from Borgerhout (near Antwerp), Opoeteren (Limburg), Schaerbeek, Jette and Laeken, Verviers, Herstal and Glain (Liège), Jumet (Hainaut) and Tamines (Namur).

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times