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    Belgium underwrites 469 million euros in new ESA programmes

    © Belga
    Belgium is committing 469 million euros to ESA programmes.
    © Belga

    Belgium will underwrite today (Friday), in the second day of the European Space Summit held in Lucerne (Switzerland), the sum of 469 million euros in new European Space Agency (ESA) programmes. This was indicated by the Office of the Secretary of State for Scientific Policy, Elke Sleurs.

    The ministers of all of the 22 ESA member states have been meeting since yesterday, to consider Europe’s future in the spatial sphere.

    Elke Sleurs is present, just as she was in Luxembourg two years ago.

    Belgium focused on the theme of terrestrial observation and technological programmes.

    Secretary of State Sleurs confirmed that every euro invested by Belgium amounted to six euros in the space industry within the three regions.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times