Syrian visa: Public Prosecutor’s Board considers Francken’s proposals unacceptable
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    Syrian visa: Public Prosecutor’s Board considers Francken’s proposals unacceptable

    The Public Prosecutor’s Board has given a view on the statements of the Secretary of State for Asylum and Immigration, concerning the decision of the Brussels Court of Appeal in the case of humanitarian visas. This is for the Syrian family from Aleppo.

    It says that they constitute “an unacceptable questioning of the role of separation of powers, which is one of the cornerstones of our democracy.”

    The Public Prosecutor’s Board wrote as such on Saturday in a communiqué. It also denounced the PR campaign launched by the New Flemish Alliance on social media.

    The Public Prosecutor’s Board stresses “firmly” that the rule of law “applies to everyone and all bodies. The Executive cannot interfere with judicial decisions or question the impartiality of members of the judiciary where there is no basis for doing so.”

    The judicial world applies the law as laid down by parliament. It adds. “It is therefore not the place of judicial powers to alter electoral lists but it is up to parliament to decide to modify any relevant laws if it wishes to.”

    The federal government is persisting in refusing to carry out a decision by the Brussels Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal ordered on Wednesday that the government complies with the decision of the Aliens Litigation Council made on 20th October.

    This decision ordered the delivery of humanitarian visas to the Syrian family. “This type of decision places democracy under threat and undermines the rule of law,” the President of the New Flemish Alliance, Bart De Wever reacted.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times