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    Olivier Deschacht merely risks a fine in betting case

    © Belga
    Olivier Deschacht will receive an administrative fine at most for betting on his club's matches.
    © Belga

    The Anderlecht player, Olivier Deschacht, will not have to appear before the court after betting on football matches. The East Flanders Public Prosecutor’s Office has recorded gambling legislation offences against him and has sent his case to an ad hoc tribunal.

    This means that he will now only run the risk of an administrative fine, the Public Prosecutor’s Office indicated today (Friday).

    The investigation is now concluded. The Public Prosecutor’s Office stated “On the basis of evidence gathered, it has been decided to send the case to the Betting and Gaming Tribunal per article 15.1 (2) of the law” in the field. It went on, “The Tribunal thus has possibility to punish the offences by means of an administrative fine, via the Public Prosecutor.”

    The Betting and Gaming Commission had already investigated the case and established that the iconic sports defender had bet on his club’s matches, but only upon wins.

    The player still claimed that the bets had been made by his brother Xavier, using the latter’s account.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times