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    A Lierre police car knocks over a pedestrian in Ranst


    A 70 year old pedestrian was seriously hurt when he was knocked over by a police car on Friday evening. Local police said he was crossing a road in Liersesteenweg, Ranst (Antwerp province) at the time.

    The police car involved was from the nearby Lierre department. It was heading to an urgent call out and had its sirens on.

    The pedestrian, who appeared to have seen the car, probably underestimated the speed the car was travelling at when he started to cross. He was hit by one of the wing mirrors, which left him with a non-lethal but serious head injury. 

    The Lierre officers in the car were heading to a location in their own jurisdiction, but decided to take a road that goes through Ranst. 

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)