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    Belgium speeds into top 3 for electric and gas-powered cars

    © Belga
    Belgium is in the top 3 countries for electric and gas-powered cars.
    © Belga

    Belgium has just motored into the top 3 European countries with proportionally most cars that are both electric and gas-powered. This is per figures produced yesterday (Monday) by the European Alternative Fuels Observatory, as part of the Motor Show.

    There are thus currently 5,194 electric cars on Belgian roads, with 3,732 in Flanders.

    In addition, there are 5,372 vehicles registered in Belgium, which are powered by natural gas, or an increase of more than 100% in hardly a year.

    Private cars benefit from green motoring, having enjoyed a more favourable tax regime since last year. This will also apply to light commercial vehicles from next July.

    The regions are currently discussing cranking this regime up a gear to include leased cars, but no agreement has yet been reached.

    These discussions are particularly complicated by the fact that the majority of leasing companies are located in the north of Belgium.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times