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    Antwerp vehicle suspect was not flagged up as radicalised

    © Belga
    The Belgian Federal Prosecutor's Office has identified the suspect in the vehicle involved in the incident as “Mohamed R.”
    © Belga

    The man was arrested for questioning yesterday (Thursday) in Antwerp following a high-speed chase, after “placing pedestrians in danger”. He had not previously been flagged up as being radicalised in France.

    This information comes from a source close to the French investigation.

    This source told the Agence France Presse (“the AFP”) “The man has an address in Lens (in the north of France), and was not thought, up to now, to have been involved in any form of organized crime.”

    The same source added, “The only offences the man appears to have committed fall within petty crime, of the type carried out when drunk or under the influence of drugs. Per the initial evidence, the man has never been thought to be a threat to state security, or previously been flagged up as being radicalised.”

    The man arrested and questioned was identified by the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office as “Mohamed R.” It revealed that he is aged 39, “of French nationality and living in France.” Another source close to the investigation said that the man has a French residence permit but is of Tunisian nationality.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times