Total bike-journey financial compensation doubled since 2009
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    Total bike-journey financial compensation doubled since 2009

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    Woman are the most numerous in claiming home-to-work bike-journey financial compensation, based on 2015 figures from the FPS Finance.
    © Belga

    The total home-to-work bike-journey financial compensation awarded has more than doubled since 2009. This is according to FPS Finance figures which are reported today (Friday) in the De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad and Het Belang van Limburg publications.

    For 2015 – the most recent year for which the FPS Finance gathered complete data – the total amount allocated reached 93.5 million euros. In 2009, the amount did not go above 43.6 million euros. The number of individuals benefiting from it went from 260,564 to more than 406,000 through to the end of 2015.

    The figures show that this option is clearly relevant for a higher proportion of people in the north of Belgium. The majority of such compensation payments are made in Flanders – the amount was 87.7 million euros in 2015.

    Taking the most recent figures, the 20 to 30 age group is the best represented for the first time, ahead of those in their forties, who up until now were playing the principal cameo role in this survey.

    Woman are the most numerous in requesting such a financial contribution. However, men are bagging the highest amounts. This phenomenon is probably due to the fact that these men are generally covering longer distances.

    The level of compensation is decided by parliament. The amount is tax-exempt provided it does not exceed 23 cents per kilometre. Employers are not obliged to pay it, unless there is a collective bargaining agreement in place (known as a “CCT”) which anticipates such payment.

    Christopher Vincent
    The Brussels Times