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    Dour opens Belgium’s first biological swimming pool


    Dour opened Belgium’s first biological swimming pool at “Belvédère” on Friday.

    Dour has a new “swimming pool” at Belvédère. There was a very popular open-air swimming pool there before. The area had been neglected for several years. It now has a new lease of life thanks a new project, which includes urban renovation, universal sports facilities and environmental education.

    Dour authorities opened Belgium’s first biological swimming pool on Friday. The project has gone ahead thanks to financing from Belfius’ “Smart Cities and Sustainable Development” program and the European Investment Bank, among others.

    The new biological swimming pool is not far from the old one, with a surface area of 1,150m². It will hold 2,200 cubic metres of water. It has four outside pools for swimming, with different depths. The swimming pool could welcome as many as 420 swimmers a day from Saturday the 29th of April. There is an area set aside for diving.

    The water in this swimming pool is cleaned using an ecological system, with no chlorine or other chemical products. It uses a closed circuit process with no big machines, a natural cycle in a living area.

    Jason Bennett (Source: Belga)