Charleroi: individuals try to release animals from Bouglione circus
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    Charleroi: individuals try to release animals from Bouglione circus

    © Belga
    Individuals, who appear to have been animal rights activists, attempted to release circus animals from the Bouglione circus, which is currently performing in Charleroi. Alexandre Bouglione is extremely worried about the incident.
    © Belga

    During the night of Sunday through to Monday morning, a number of individuals entered the Bouglione circus enclosure. The circus is currently running in Charleroi.

    These individuals tried to free the animals, before themselves fleeing. Grafetti was also placed on all of the signs announcing the circus performances whilst the troupe is in Charerloi.

    The director of the circus troupe, Alexandre Bouglione, said that the perpetrators – three to four individuals – entered the circus tents around 4 a.m. yesterday morning (Monday).

    These individuals opened several boxes, before members of the troupe were woken by the circus company’s dogs barking.

    A small group of activists was seen returning to a car which then fled.

    The circus director said, “Yesterday morning we saw that our signs had been covered in graffiti. The perpetrators had used it to indicate that all performances have now been cancelled. However, we will actually be in Charleroi until May 21st.”

    He went on, “Last year, a French animal rights organisation was found guilty of similar behaviour. Moreover, we have also received hate messages on our Facebook page. Such a crime is a source of concern for us. We do not feel safe and accordingly we have complained to the local police.”

    Christopher Vincent
    The Brussels Times