The province of Antwerp at red alert, Limburg at orange alert
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    The province of Antwerp at red alert, Limburg at orange alert

    The province of Antwerp has triggered the fire red alert, it said on Friday on the site of the Flemish Agency for Nature and Forests, Natuur en Bos. This alert concerns only a few areas that are particularly prone to fires. Natuur en Bos also triggered the fire alert in Limburg but with the orange urgency level this time, given the drought of nature reserves in this province. In Wallonia, no specific measures have been put in place in the High Fens, reported their website.

    The red alert in the province of Antwerp means the possibility of an immediate danger. It is recommended not to go to the designated areas, which are listed on

    The orange alert in Limburg concerns 67 nature reserves. “Be careful, do not smoke in natural areas and forests”, warns Natuur en Bos on its website. “Do not leave children unattended.” Managers and firefighters are particularly vigilant during this warning phase.

    In both cases, if a fire breaks out, firemen intervene with heavy equipment and have at their disposal material and additional labour. The watchtowers are equipped every day, says the Flemish Agency.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times