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    Two people killed in a hit and run in Ciney

    Two people, a woman born in 1993 and a man born in 1984, were killed in a hit and run in the early hours of Saturday. The incident happened while the victims were on their way back from the “Apéros cinaciens” event in Ciney, the Namur Prosecutor’s office revealed on Saturday. The woman died at the scene, and the man later died of his injuries in Mont-Godinne hospital.

    The vehicle came up behind them and knocked them over while they were walking on the left hand side of the road, according to the Prosecutor’s automobile expert. They were able to find small traces of the car at the scene, which allowed them to identify the model. The police currently have a suspect, but the investigation is still ongoing so they have probably not yet been arrested. 

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)