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    The average Belgian salary was 17,698 euros in 2015


    The average Belgian salary was 17,698 euros in 2015, the Economy SPF’s DG Statistics revealed on Thursday. That year, the net average taxable income in Flanders was 7% higher than the national average (18,970 euros).

    In Wallonia, the net average taxable income was 16,684 euros, compared to 13,831 euros in Brussels. The two Brabant Provinces had the highest salaries: 20,805 euros on average in Flemish Brabant and 20,222 euros in Walloon Brabant. At the bottom of the ladder is the Hainaut Province (15,479 euros average salary) and Brussels-Capitale (13,831 euros)

    Only one Walloon commune is among the ten communes with the highest incomes: Lasne, in 9th place with an average salary of 24,649 euros per habitant in 2015. Laethem-St-Martin has been top of the list of richest residents per commune with an average of 27,585 euros for years. That’s 55.9% higher than the national average.

    The bottom ten was made up of Brussels and Walloon communes. Saint-Josse-ten-Noode was the commune where residents had the lowest income (8,690 euros, 50.9% less than the national average). They came just under Molenbeek (10,210 euros) and Farciennes près de Charleroi (11,376 euros).

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)