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Dozens of metal bars and sticks seized in Antwerp

© Belga
© Belga

On Monday, local police announced that it had seized several dozens of metal sticks and bars following the violence around Brederode Street, Antwerp. Around forty people were taken into administrative detention on Sunday night.

In a press release, police speak of “an arsenal” of “dozens of metal pipes, wooden sticks and heavy rocks.” “They were found in the neighborhood of Brederode Sreet and on the arrested persons,” police specify.

In addition, six buildings have been damaged following incidents. Doors and windows have been smashed. A new outbreak of violence occurred on the night of Sunday to Monday near Brederode Street, Antwerp. Four were wounded, including a police inspector, and two persons were taken to hospital.

The tensions began on Friday, after a campaigning bus “Free Ocalan” (name of the Kurd leader sent to prison by Turkish justice) had ended up by accident on Brederode Street, home of many Turkish immigrants. 

Oscar Schneider
The Brussels Times