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    OCAM considers increase in deradicalisation proposals

    © Belga
    The head of OCAM, Paul Van Tigchelt, emphasises that there are currently a number of deradicalisation initiatives.
    © Belga

    In response to the growth in deradicalisation proposals, the Organ for Coordination of Terrorist Threat Analysis (known as “OCAM”) is starting up a “knowledge centre”. De Standaard is reporting, on Monday, that the purpose of this is to map deradicalisation proposals, facilitate coordination and share views in the sphere.

    Operating as more than a filter, the new department for Countering Violent Extremism (“CVE”) wishes to lay claim to being a centre of reference and expertise in the sphere. Local authorities can turn to this organ when they are considering a particular terrorist individual.

    The head of OCAM, Paul Van Tigchelt, asserts, “Everyone wishes to take responsability in the sphere of deradicalisation, but we should all be going in the same direction. The various programmes are springing up like mushrooms. There are also shell companies and purely commercial initiatives.” De Standaard says that the aim is not for OCAM to play the role of arbitrator, but the initiative is arguing for the introduction of minimum standards in the field.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times