Antwerp Criminal Court: 12 months in prison for Antwerp supporters
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    Antwerp Criminal Court: 12 months in prison for Antwerp supporters

    The Antwerp Criminal Court condemned to 12 months in prison and a 1,200-euro fine, the three Antwerp supporters who had attacked a police inspector. The victim was unable to work for three weeks. The incident took place on February 4th after the match played by F.C. Antwerp against Union Saint-Gilloise (from Saint Gilles) at the King Badouin stadium. The Antwerp supporters had been escorted by the police into the train headed for Antwerp. The train stopped at Berchem station and the supporters had started to become heated, owing to their consuming significant amounts of alcohol, and the end of a difficult match.

    An incident then occurred between the three accused and an inspector from the railway police force. The latter was unable to work for some 23 days following blows received. Mike V.E., aged 30, stated to the police that he was drunk and Limane B., aged 38, had acknowledged having hit the policeman. The third accused, Patrick J., also aged 38, denied the facts although the court, in fact, proved his involvement.

    The court held, “Blind violence due to the consumption of excess alcohol and hooliganism is unacceptable and taints the world of football.” The three men sentenced were not present at the trial. They will now be required to pay compensation to the police inspector for the injuries he sustained.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times