Gigantic foundations of Danish wind farm under construction in Ostend
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    Gigantic foundations of Danish wind farm under construction in Ostend

    Credit: Belga

    The Belgian groups, Jan De Nul and Smulders, are currently putting the finishing touches to the gigantic foundations and the steel structure of an offshore wind farm. They are working in the Port of Ostend. These will then go to the offshore wind farm, Kriegers Flak in Denmark, next month. The engineers will this week start placing the steel structures on the concrete bases.

    This project has been ongoing since May. The foundations, which will be used for the construction of high-voltage electricity generating stations, have a respective weight of 10,000 and 8,000 tonnes. They are being made above a pontoon in the Port of Ostend.

    Jan De Nul Group is in charge of the development and the construction of the concrete base, whilst the company Smulders is in charge of the metal portion which will be placed above it. The steel constructions which had been produced in the workshops at Hoboken, were transported last weekend to Ostend. The entire structure will be dispatched to the offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak, situated offshore of Denmark, in the Baltic Sea.

    This project is in no way insignificant for the Port of Ostend. Indeed it is the first time that installation work for a non-Belgian wind farm has been carried out. Moreover, the coastal town wishes to emerge as an international hub for everything linked to offshore operations.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times