Fines without prior police statements: “Reasons may be demanded”
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    Fines without prior police statements: “Reasons may be demanded”

    Dozens of individuals have received a fine in the last few weeks, without having received a prior police statement. These individuals do not therefore know what the potential offence is. This is according to information reported on VTM Nieuws on Monday evening. The FPS Justice acknowledges that there is an issue with processing written statements, but the organisation also stresses that citizens can request explanations.

    The spokesperson for the FPS Justice, Edward Landtsheere, indicates, “Within the FPS Justice, we do not have an overall view of the people affected. We have noted that we have received a number of calls at our call centre regarding fines that arrived without a police statement.” He went on, “The police are working on processing such written statements with Fedopress, the printing company for FPS Finances. They are working to resolve the issue.”

    Upon the question of knowing whether or not those affected must pay their fine, the spokesman explains that citizens have two options, “either they accept and pay the fine or they can request reasons. In any event, the individual who chooses not to pay his fine will receive a reminder letter. If no written statement arrives afterwards, the given citizen can contact the police so as to get a duplicate. In the majority of cases, the police statement is arriving systematically in the meantime.”

    The problem should be resolved by the beginning of March. Fines and police statements will thereafter arrive together.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times