So-called “electronic registered mail service” may be threat to bpost
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    So-called “electronic registered mail service” may be threat to bpost

    The number of phishing emails sent out on 30 December more than doubled the numbers usually recorded in a single day. Credit: © Belga

    On Thursday, the FPS Economy acknowledged, for the first time, the service “described” as a means for sending electronic registered mail. De Tijd and the Mediahuis publications reported the news on Friday. The possibility of sending registered virtual mail, having the same legal force as a more traditional “paper” version, had previously been created by the new Belgian law in summer 2016.

    The law follows the implementation of the European eIDAS regulations (electronic IDentification Authentication and trust Services). However, up to now, no company had obtained the highest official seal of approval, that of “service provider of professional trust.”

    It is this recognition which supports the legal force of electronic registered post.

    De Tijd notes in its Friday edition that this news, which concerns a platform developed by the Limburg company Connect Solutions, could potentially pose a threat to an important source of bpost income. Each year bpost sends around 30 million registered mail items, each letter costing at least €5.29.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times