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    One in four Flemish sportspersons faced with corruption

    © Belga
    Some 32.6% of sportspeople surveyed have been offered bribes.
    © Belga

    The University of Ghent has conducted an investigation of 614 Flemish sportspersons who are mainly amateurs, but also professionals.
    It emerges from this that one in four athletes has already been faced with attempted or actual corruption or match-fixing. Het Nieuwsblad, Het Belang van Limburg and the Gazet van Antwerpen are reporting the information on Friday.

    Competition-fixing seems more frequent in football. Some 32.6% of sportspersons surveyed have been faced with bribes. Professor Els De Waegeneer also questioned tennis players and badminton players, as part of this survey.

    In 90% of cases, sportspersons cheat to force a particular promotion or avoid a demotion. Some 2% of those questioned said that their cheating was connected to bets made. Sportspeople were paid an average of between €100 and €500 for match-fixing.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times