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    Di Antonio wishes to tax producers for unauthorised waste

    © Belga
    On Thursday, Carlo Di Antonio will reveal his plans to tax commercial entities producing waste.
    © Belga

    La Libre Belgique and La Dernière Heure are reporting on Tuesday that Carlo Di Antonio (cdH), the Walloon Minister for the Environment, wishes to tax commercial producers for their unauthorised waste production. The initiative appears in the Walloon Waste-Resources Programme, which the minister is due to set out to the government on Thursday.

    The minister wishes to make sectors which are producing large quantities of waste aware of their responsibilities, so as to improve public cleanliness.

    The object is to make producers pay for the generation of unauthorised waste. A contribution, or rather, a currently unacknowledged “tax”, will be imposed upon such producers if necessary. Within the minister’s sights are, in particular, the producers of cans of beer, tobacco, chewing gum and fast-foods (including companies such as Quick, McDonald’s and similar restaurants). A tax upon these companies should ensure the financing of cleanliness-based tasks, and a regional fund would be set up for this purpose. 

    However, the MR currently takes a negative view of these charges imposed upon companies, with the risk of the vote being postponed until the end of March.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times