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    Paid for streaming music services continue Belgian growth

    © Belga
    Pieter Swaelens, along with Alexander De Croo, believes that the market for paid streaming music will increase even more.
    © Belga

    Streaming through paid subscription services, such as Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify, continued to grow in Belgium in 2017 (up by 38.6%). Taking 41% of the share of sales, paid streaming music services exceeded CD sales (37%) and is now the most popular music format in Belgium. The figures were announced on Tuesday by BEA Music, the professional federation for music producers.

    BEA Music stressed, “With downloads, which generate more than 9 million sales, digital now represents 54% of all music sales or more than €39 million, the converse of last year when sales of CDs, vinyl and DVDs had a 56% market share.”

    Pieter Swaelens speaking on behalf of BEA Music, said, “The peak of paid streaming music services has certainly not yet been reached in Belgium.”

    He went on, “Comparisons with our neighbouring countries show that in Belgium we are experiencing a slightly slower increase…We predict further growth of this service, in particular thanks to the strength of local artists.” An opinion shared by the federal Minister for the Digital and Telecommunications Programme, Alexander De Croo, who says, “The significance of streamed music will only increase, as much for artists as for the music industry.”

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times