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    The Common Front establishes a gazette against pension reform


    The FGTB, CSC and CGSLB, together known as the Common Front, have launched a massive operation against pension reform. They will release a million copies of a twelve page gazette, Robert Vertenueil (FGTB), Marie-Hélène Ska (CSC) and Olivier Valentin (CGSB) told Le Soir and the Sudpresse group on Saturday.

    “We decided to print a gazette, which is by definition a source of information for the masses. We will print a million copies of this gazette in French and Dutch, which we will distribute by hand to businesses and at stations, markets and everywhere: our people are ready”, they said. “To understand what’s happened we need to stop cutting bits out, we have provided a global analysis, which shows how unacceptable Pension Minister Bacqueline’s reforms are….”

    The joint publication will talk about the rise in pension age, the periods included, how difficult the job is and the points system for pensions. The points system allows a worker to save up points, which are later transferred to a concrete sum. Working less than full time for one year means less points, working more means more.

    Jason Bennett
    The Brussels Times