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    F-16 replacement – Ministers await audit results


    The ministers are waiting the results of the audit requested by Prime Minister Charles Michel and Defence Minister Steven Vandeput before attributing responsibility in the F-16 replacement affair. Steven Vandeput himself is involved.

    “It is important to wait for the results of the inquiry. Then we’ll know if some of the soldiers lied to manipulate the authorities and if the Minister knew about it”, MP Richard Miller said during the television program “Ce n’est pas tous les jours dimanche”.

    When questioned in the Chamber on Thursday, the Prime Minister said the government would not make a decision about replacing Belgiam’s  fighter-bombers until the results of the inquiry have been released.

    The Liberals say all the options are still on the table. They are not excluding rejecting the current offer of two planes, extending the life the current F-16s, or go with the Rafale, for which France has proposed a strategic partnership.

    “The Prime Minister has said that all the propositions are still valid. There might be a decision, there might not be a decision, they might decide to extend the life of some of the planes or not”, says Mr Miller.

    “This means every solution is still on the table, including a judicial analysis to see if the Rafale is viable. That’s just one of the possibilities”, he added.

    Andy Sachez 
    The Brussels Times