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    Second bus driver still hospitalized in Germany

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Eleven of the 12 Belgians injured in a road accident in Bavaria have returned to Belgium, but the second driver of their bus, who was seriously injured, is still in hospital in Germany, Maarten Matienko of the VAB road rescue service said on Monday. VAB had disclosed on Sunday that a family of three had been able to leave hospital and continue their journey to Austria. Two other families, consisting of seven in total, had been scheduled to leave hospital on Sunday. They chose to return to Belgium. “Everyone returned home on Sunday at about 8 p.m.”, Matienko said.

    “Staff on the ground decided on the return possibilities, based on the people to be repatriated,” VAB explained. “At first the plan was to repatriate the Belgians by plane, but that was finally modified and it was decided to bring them back in taxi. An injured woman was brought back on Sunday by ambulance.”

    Staff of the VAB emergency centre in Germany are also in the process of coming back. “We will continue to monitor from Belgium the state of the bus driver who is still hospitalised, and we’ll do everything possible to organize his repatriation,” Matienko said.

    The Belgians were travelling in a bus from the Linden Cars company in Rotselaar when it was involved in a collision on Highway A3 at Aschaffenburg on the night of Friday to Saturday. One of the drivers of the bus, from Herent, did not survive the accident.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times