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    ‘Black box’ in reckless drivers’ cars

    © Belga
    The device will initially be tested in the form of a pilot project on a voluntary basis.
    © Belga

    A pilot project to put a ‘tachograph’ in the car of those who receive speeding fines begins this summer. The project is reported in the daily newspapers La Libre and DH. The tachograph fitted in the vehicle will transmit traffic data, the given speed and vehicle coordinates to a computer. Every time the driver exceeds the speed limit this is detected, and recorded in real time. The device is due to be launched this summer by the Vias institute (the former IBSR).

    Benoit Godart, the spokesman, explains to the publications, “Those sentenced for driving significantly over the speed limit will have their vehicle equipped with a ‘black box’. The device costs around €250, a cost paid by the offender.” Initially, the pilot project will affect road users who are following a “Driver Improvement” awareness-raising programme. Such individuals can enrol voluntarily.

    The device will initially be tested in the form of a pilot project. The system will enable volunteers to avoid criminal sanctions, a fine or justifiably having to complete the driver awareness-raising programme. Such testing will take place before the system is likely to be widened to reckless drivers generally.

    Jean-François Galliet of the Vias Technical Division states, “We hope that we will quickly reach a stage of hundreds even thousands of people” being equipped in this way. He goes on, “In the event that the pilot project is a success, the ‘black box’ might be imposed upon repeat offenders, as with the breathalyser test.”

    Christopher Vincent
    The Brussels Times