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    Liège shooting: incident described as terrorist killing

    © Belga
    The Liège Public Prosecutor has indicated that there may have been terrorist motives behind Tuesday's attacks.
    © Belga

    The attack which took place on Tuesday morning in Liège is being investigated by the Head of Terrorist Assassinations and Attempted Terrorist Assassinations. The point was indicated by the federal Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is responsible for the case. The Public Prosecutor herself has explained that several elements are leading investigators to believe that the attack, which killed two policemen and a man, aged 22, may have had a terrorist motive.

    The elements in question, leading to this belief, are the perpetrator’s modus operandi, namely attacking the policemen with a knife before seizing their weapons, having shouted “Allahu Akbar” several times and lastly information going back to the period between 2016 and 2017. The latter suggests that Benjamin H. may have had contact with radicalized individuals.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times