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    Pensioner dies in ultralight accident


    An 82-year-old man has died after an accident on his ultralight aircraft, which crashed in the area of Doische in Namur province. The man took off on Friday from the airstrip at Matagne-la-Petite, after apparently having carried out some maintenance on the aircraft. The man, who has not been named regularly carried out maintenance of aircraft at the site.

    When he failed to make contact later, his daughter alerted the authorities. Police put up a helicopter equipped with a thermic camera, which searched through the night and later found the wreckage of his craft and his body early on Saturday morning, in a field some 2km from the take-off point at the aerodrome.

    An investigation is now under way at the military base in Florennes into the causes of the accident – whether mechanical fault or pilot error. The prosecutor’s office at Dinant has ruled the death to be accidental, and said no legal inquiry would be opened.

    Alan Hope
    The Brussels Times