Weekend traffic forecast: red in Belgium, heavy throughout Europe
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    Weekend traffic forecast: red in Belgium, heavy throughout Europe

    The Touring organisation expects heavy traffic on European roads next weekend, with traffic jams in southerly directions. In Belgium the weekend will be classified as red due to the start of vacations. Touring advises holidaymakers to postpone their departures to Sunday, when traffic will be less dense.

    According to the organisation, traffic will be heavy and slow throughout Europe by midday on Friday.

    In Belgium, large numbers of people will take off on holiday on Friday and Saturday morning in particular. Lines on the E40 between Brussels and the Coast and on the E411, Brussels-Ardennes, around Brussels, Liège and Antwerp are not to be ruled out. Traffic will be slow throughout the day.

    In France, traffic will be difficult from Friday around Paris. Sunday is classified orange in the direction of departures on the A7 Lyon-Orange, on the A10 Paris-Bordeaux, especially before Orleans, around Tours, Poitiers and Bordeaux, on the Spanish border at Hendaye, and on the A9 Orange-Spanish border (Le Perthus).

    The slow traffic will also affect Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. In all these countries, Saturday will be the day to avoid.

    Touring does not foresee any problems on the way back.

    Andy Sanchez
    The Brussels Times