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    Swimming pools have no right to prohibit burkini

    © Belga
    The Muslim women who brought these cases are now entitled to receive compensation, in the form of moral damages on religious grounds.
    © Belga

    The Mediahuis publications are reporting on Friday that in two judgments, the Court in Ghent overturned the prohibition of the burkini. The cases related to two swimming pools in the north of the country, which had instigated the rule. Prohibiting this swimming suit which fully covers the body for hygiene and safety is not justified. The government has itself provided scientific proof that there are no problems with either aspect.

    The communal leisure complex, Ter Wallen in Merelbeke, and the communal swimming bath, Van Eyck in Ghent, cannot prohibit women from swimming in a burkini. These facilities must now adapt their rules in this regard, even if appeals are lodged in the coming days.

    These cases had been brought to court by Muslim women, who are now entitled to receive compensation in the form of moral damages on religious grounds.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times