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    Bus strike at Tec Liège-Verviers ends

    © Belga
    © Belga

    A wildcat strike organised at the site of the Robermont bus depot ended on Friday afternoon after agreement was reached with the bus drivers unions, the spokesperson of the TEC Liège-Verviers (Liège-Verviers public transport company), Carine Zanella, announced. By 4 p.m. many bus drivers had been called back to work.

    After the incidents that occurred on Thursday due to the heatwave in Belgium, bus drivers employed by Tec Liège-Verviers decided to go on strike, stating that they needed air-conditioned buses.

    Many meetings were held during the day between the management of the public transport company of Wallonia Region and the unions and an agreement was reached in the late afternoon. Strike pickets installed by the General Confederation of Public Services (CGSP), which represents the workers, were removed at about 4 p.m.

    “The drivers are being recalled so that they can be deployed on the different routes; they can therefore resume work,” Tec Liège-Verviers spokesperson Zanella said. “One in five buses will be in circulation for the end of the day.”

    She added that the buses would work as normal on Saturday.
    Christopher Vincent
    The Brussels Times.