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    Hundreds of flights cancelled after tour operator goes bust

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Hundreds of flights to Morocco have been cancelled after Dutch tour operator FlyOrange went bankrupt, according to Dutch media. Most of these flights were from Rotterdam, but some were also to have departed from Brussels, FlyOrange reported on its website.

    FlyOrange said on its Facebook page that all its flights had been cancelled and that it had filed for bankruptcy. It blamed the Portuguese charter company Aviatrade which, it said, had failed to operate flights that had already been paid for, thus sparking the problems at the Dutch tour operator.

    Aviatrade, on the other hand, charged that it was FlyOrange that had not met its obligations.

    FlyOrange promised travellers affected by the cancellations that it would inform them as soon as a curator had been appointed so that they can register as creditors. However, the Dutch consumer protection organization ECC Nederland, has warned that their reimbursement chances are very slim.

    It explained that when a company itself files for bankruptcy, it means there isn’t much money in the coffers to go around, and, moreover, the tour operator is no longer linked to a guarantee fund.

    Maria Novak
    The Brussels Times