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    Further increase in petrol and diesel prices from Wednesday

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    Filling up your vehicle will, once again, be slightly more expensive from Wednesday. The maximum price of 95 E10 petrol is to increase by 3.5 cents per litre, that of 95 and 98 E10 by 3 cents, and that of 98 by 2.9 cents. Diesel is also following this upward curve, increasing by 1.6 cents.

    The maximum price for a litre of 95 petrol will be fixed at €1.531, whilst that of 95 E10 will be €1.540. Consumers will have to pay a maximum of €1.610 per litre of 98 petrol and €1.619 for 98 E10. Diesel will be available at the pumps for a maximum price of €1.552 per litre.

    These price increases result from fluctuations in the value of oil products and/or blending bio-components, inherent in the chemical composition of petrol and diesel, on international markets. The explanatory statement comes from the Directorate-General for Energy for the FPS Economy.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times