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    First use of Taser during police intervention

    © Belga
    Use of the Taser prevented serious injuries for both the assailant and the victim in the incident.
    © Belga

    Belgian police have, for the first time, fired from a distance using a Taser, during an intervention. The incident is reported in the Sudpresse publications on Tuesday. An agent from the Gaume police zone had to take the action to defend a colleague who had been attacked.

    On Sunday afternoon, policemen from the Gaume police zone were called to the home of a man suspected of domestic violence. The man, visibly under the influence of alcohol, set about one of the policemen, who he strangled after bringing him to the ground.

    Jean-Yves Schul, Divisional Commissioner of the Gaume police zone, commented, “It was necessary for the policeman with the weapon to have a good aim as a colleague was on the ground. The use of this weapon enabled the avoidance of serious injuries for either man concerned.”

    The Gaume police zone is one of the 14 local police zones testing the use of the Taser, as part of a pilot project.

    Christopher Vincent
    The Brussels Times