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    Possibility of powers cut in some communes in November

    © Belga
    © Belga

    There is a good chance there will not be enough electricity to meet demand in November this year. This means there will likely be power cuts at certain times of the day in some communes, a Planning Bureau expert told VRT on Sunday. 

    The Planning Bureau, an independent organisation, says this is because of political measures. Only one of the seven nuclear reactors will be operational in November. 

    “The possibility that some communes will have no electricity temporarily has increased”, says Danielle Devogelaer, a Planning Bureau energy and transport expert who specialises in electricity. She spoke to VRT. 

    “It’s a possibility we will really have to take into account come November, as the electricity supply available won’t be able to meet the demand all the time”, she added. 

    The expert says there may be problems even if it is not an exceptionally cold November. The example of November 2017 is food for thought. 

    “13 gigawatts were consumed in November last year, which wasn’t particularly cold or humid. We will really struggle to cover that this year, as several nuclear reactors won’t be running in November. It is possible that we will have to introduce energy-saving measures to reduce electricity consumption, especially in the evening”, says Danielle Devogelaer. 

    Sarah Johansson
    The Brussels Times