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    Belgium and Congo want to “de-escalate” tension

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    © Belga

    “There is a desire to de-escalate the tension” affecting the diplomatic relationship between Belgium and the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to Prime Minister Charles Michel. He spoke just after a very long meeting with the Congolese President Joseph Kabila at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. 

    The meeting, which was held at a hotel in Manhattan, lasted more than an hour and a half. “The fact that we took the time to have a long conversation shows that we want to do everything we can to avoid misunderstandings. It doesn’t mean we agree on everything. We know that the relationship between Belgium and the Congo has not always been easy, but there is a desire to de-escalate the tension affecting our diplomatic relationship”, Charles Michel said after the meeting. 

    The Belgian Prime Minister and Congolese President have agreed to open diplomatic channels “in the next few weeks”. However, Charles Michel did say that “the goal is not for Belgium to politically interfere in Kinshasa’s business”. 

    Mr Michel added that Belgium wanted to play “a positive role for stability and security” in Africa. 

    Andy Sanchez
    The Brussels Times