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    Belgium is Europe’s leading beer exporter

    © Belga
    Belgian beer exporters will be raising a glass this festive season - to their own success!
    © Belga

    Belgium last year became Europe’s leading beer exporter, according to statistics from The Brewers of Europe reported by L’Echo on Wednesday. In 2016, the gap between Germany and Belgium had further increased to 2.4 million hectolitres.

    Last year, the Belgians exported 15.8 million hectolitres of beer, slightly ahead of the Germans (at 15.75 million hectolitres) and markedly more than the Dutch (with 14.14 million hectolitres). The year before Belgium was ranked as in 2015 in third place, 2.4 million hectolitres below Germany and 0.39 million hectolitres below the Netherlands.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times