The Belgian subsidiary of Huawei confirms, “We have nothing to fear”
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    The Belgian subsidiary of Huawei confirms, “We have nothing to fear”

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    The Belgian subsidiary of Huawei is confidently welcoming the announcement of an investigation against it by the Belgium Centre for Cybersecurity (“BCC”). The Chinese giant specialises in telecommunications networks and mobile telephony.

    A spokesman for the company stated on Friday, “We have nothing to fear. We are working completely within the regulations in the sphere, which are particularly strict relating to network infrastructures.”

    L’Echo and De Tijd announced in their respective publications that like the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the Belgium Centre for Cybersecurity was considering the possibility of banning Huawei from Belgium. Increasingly countries are proving critical towards Chinese society, suspecting its infrastructure of being an open door for spying by the Chinese state and its army. In Belgium, the company supplies base stations for the Proximus and Orange networks.

    The CCB has requested, through both national and international channels, objective studies showing that the use of Huawei technology carries risks, before being able to send out detailed advice. The spokesman for Huawei Belgium believes, “In and of itself, we have nothing against such an investigation.” He goes on, “There is not the least proof of any wrongdoing on our part. We are active in more than 140 countries and we are subject to local regulations in every one of them.” The company is especially critical of the political game that is being played, of which it is at the centre.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times