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    Six Belgians in ten have been breathalysed

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Around 60% of Belgians have been subjected to a breath test, the Vias Institute revealed in a new poll on Sunday. One person in three has been tested over the last three years. The risk of being subjected to a breath test is higher in Flanders than in Wallonia and Brussels. Luxemburg province has the highest percentage in Belgium. 

    Vias’ statistics say 65% of Flemish people have undergone a breath test, compared to 54% of Walloons and 40% of Brussels residents. Luxemburg province is the most conscientious province, with 77% of drivers having been tested. That’s way more than in the Walloon Brabant, which had the lowest figure in Wallonia (48%). 

    The Institute also says that only 7% of the drivers in the poll have been subjected to a breath test on the motorway. Breath tests are mainly done during the week (42%), much more often than weekend evenings (24%), during the day on Saturdays and Sundays (20%) and weekday evenings (14%). 

    More men (69%) than women (50%) have been made to blow into a breathalyser and only 35% of drivers have been tested several times. 

    The Institute says that 20% of accidents over the Christmas period happen the day before the end of year celebrations. More than 30% of accidents on New Year’s Day last year involved a driver who was under the influence of alcohol. Less than one Belgian in two (46%) said they didn’t drink at all before getting behind the wheel. 

    Jason Bennett
    The Brussels Times