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    Nearly 50,000 flexi-jobs filled in 2018

    © Belga
    Philippe De Backer thinks the scope of the flexi-job regime should be broadened in future, although not at present.
    © Belga

    Last year 49,907 Belgians had a flexi-job, owing to the mechanism which enables non-payment of additional taxes on hours worked in such additional jobs, provided certain conditions are met. Het Laatste Nieuws reports the findings on Tuesday.

    Since 2015, it has been possible for workers employed for 80% of the working week to supplement their income with a flexi-job in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry. The system was widened this year to butchers, bakers and retail generally. From this year, pensioners can also take advantage of the status. These “flexi-job” workers do not have to pay income tax, whilst their employer pays lower social security contributions. 

    Last year, flexi-jobs were mainly in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry (35,941 people – 72%), followed by retail positions (6,563) and hairdressing (384).

    On average 4.2 hours per week were worked in this way, for around €12 an hour, and an additional €218 per month.

    Philippe De Backer (of the Flemish Conservative-Liberals), the Minister for Combatting Social Security Fraud, comments, “Now would not be an appropriate time, but I am in favour of further widening of the system in future.”

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times