Belgium goes from third to eleventh position for talent attraction
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    Belgium goes from third to eleventh position for talent attraction

    In 2018, Belgium went from third to eleventh position for talent attraction according a study by the Swiss business school, IMD, published by the recruitment consultants, Robert Half. Switzerland comes in first in the “World Talent Ranking” of the IMD Business School. The ranking groups together the most attractive countries for professional talent, using three criteria: investment and development, attractiveness and educational effectiveness. Amongst Belgium’s neighbours, the Netherlands is fifth, Luxembourg occupies ninth place and Germany scoops tenth position.

    The report explains, “Belgium which was third last year is now in eleventh place. The country has lost six points in the sphere of investment and development, where it is ranked eighth.” It further details, “However, Belgium retains certain benefits: the teacher-pupil ratio in secondary education, public expenditure on education and the number of competent managers. The country features in 16th position for actual attractiveness and 14th position as regards preparation for the labour market.”

    After undertaking their studies, Belgians are not ardent lovers of continuous occupational development or training, since only 9.7% of the population undertakes continuous development in some form. The figure is much higher for the French and the Dutch, where continuous training involves more than 20% of workers.

    “Growing automation is causing a shift in the person specifications sought. Although automated processes can be a substitute for some tasks, they do not however lead to job losses, contrary to what we are often led to believe.” explains Joël Poilvache, from Robert Half. “On the other hand, we must all realign and adapt ourselves [to the current environment],” he elaborates.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times