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    Youth for Climate launches platform to gather citizen ideas

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    The deadline for the submission of citizen ideas is fixed as 31 March 2019.
    © Belga

    The movement at the root of the so-called pro-climate “school strikes”, Youth for Climate, is launching an online platform, intended for compiling citizen ideas to limit global warming. The solutions proposed will be submitted to the authorities, “the idleness” of which youngsters are denouncing every week in the streets.

    Flowing from the demonstration this Thursday, the fourth organised in Brussels by Youth For Climate, the collective has unveiled its new platform (

    “We will continue our demonstrations until we are sure that we have been heard. However, we also wish to give people who are not (yet) engaging in climate initiatives, the opportunity to make their voice heard,” indicates the collective.“It is not simply youngsters’ ideas any longer, indeed everyone can post suggestions there,” states the French-speaking coordinator, Adélaïde Charlier.

    The deadline for the submission of ideas is fixed as 31 March 2019. These will be analysed by a committee which will assess their given feasibility. Internet surfers will then be able to vote for those which, in their view, must be the priorities for the next parliament. The most successful ideas will be submitted to the authorities. “We hope that politicians will be inspired by some of these ideas,” adds Dries Cornelissens, of Youth for Climate.

    On Thursday, some 12,500 youngsters, once again, demonstrated in the streets of the capital demanding significant political measures to fight climate change. Although less numerous than last week, youngsters nevertheless continued to demonstrate. “The movement is not crumbling as such but it is dispersing,” states Adélaïde Charlier. For example in Liège, more than 15,000 students also walked through the streets.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels times