Brabant killers: in-depth consideration of ex-investigator’s suicide
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    Brabant killers: in-depth consideration of ex-investigator’s suicide

    The investigators handling the Brabant killers case are looking into a link between the recent suicide of Roger Romelart, who was a former investigator of the Brabant killers, and the recent arrest of two of his former colleagues. The Sudpresse and Mediahuis publications are reporting the news on Friday. A search took place on the same day and two of Romelart’s children were interviewed. A post mortem on his body is due to take place in Charleroi.

    Romelart was a member of the Delta cell, which was investigating the 1980s Brabant killings. His colleague, Philippe V., is suspected of concealing vital information relating to the case. Shortly after Philippe V. was interviewed, Romelart wrote a suicide note (dated 1 February). He committed suicide at home last Sunday.

    The timing raises serious questions. Romelart’s daughter says that he was nervous and worried from the point that the trail relating to the handling of the investigation came to light.

    Lars Andersen 
    The Brussels Times