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    Google plans to set up Farciennes data centre

    © Belga
    Google anticipates setting up on the Écopôle site to the north-east of Charleroi.
    © Belga

    Google should soon begin to extend its Wallonia operations with the opening of a new data centre in Farciennes, according to reports on Wednesday. As yet unconfirmed by the US Internet giant, La Libre has learned that the green light will officially be given for the project this coming July.

    Google already has an operational “data centre” in Saint-Ghislain (Hainaut), built in 2009, which is currently in the process of expansion.

    The internet giant plans to set up on the Écopôle site to the north-east of Charleroi. The new business park is located over three communes and two provinces Farciennes and Aiseau-Presles (in Hainaut) and Sambreville (in Namur).

    It is very difficult to know what space the US company will need going forward. After the announcement of establishing the site in Saint-Ghislain in 2007, it took nearly three years for the official opening of the building.

    Initially, 120 people were hired but the construction provided work for 3,000 people and several dozen companies in the region. 

    Christopher Vincent
    The Brussels Times