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    Pedestrian finds kingsnake in Flemish town

    Image by Kapa65 on Pixabay
    Image by Kapa65 on Pixabay

    A snake was found in the Grensstraat in Essen on Wednesday afternoon, much to the shock of the pedestrian who first saw it. The police zone Grens collected the animal and transferred it to the shelter for birds and wild animals in Kapellen.

    The VOC (Reception Centre for Birds and Wild Animals) in Brasschaat-Kapellen, identified it as a kingsnake, reports Het Nieuwsblad.

    The snake had red and yellow spots or bands all over the body, alternated with a black colour and can grow to about one meter long. They are neither poisonous nor dangerous to humans, but are known to bite when threatened. 

    The police are now looking for the owner of the animal. Kingsnakes are one of the most popular and collected species of snakes due to their adaptability as pets and ease of care.

    The VOC has since announced that the snake has died.

    The Brussels Times