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    Septic tank company accused of canal dumping in Wallonia


    A judicial investigation has been opened against a company accused of dumping septic waste into a Belgian canal. The firm in question has been accused of dumping the contents of a tanker truck in the historic Canal of the Center in Thieu, according to reports.

    The incident was spotted by cyclists on the trail by the canal, who were stopped by the truck, reports DH.

    He blocked the way because he was completely on the trail, says cyclist Eric.  I got off my bike and noticed that a big pipe was directed into the canal, I thought it was pumping water, but I soon realized it was something else, he added.

    The smell was similar to that of a septic tank, said Eric. The river police were alerted. 

    If the facts are confirmed, the polluter faces 8 days in prison and up to 1 million euro in fines.

    In the summer, dozens of people bathe in this channel, even if it’s forbidden. It is also a popular spot for fishing.

    The Brussels Times