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    Yellow Vests stage 4am wake up for Belgian politician

    © Maxime Prévot/ Facebook
    © Maxime Prévot/ Facebook

    The president of Belgium’s Centre démocrate humaniste (cdH) party, Maxime Prévot, was awakened at his home before dawn on Thursday by a group of about 15 persons claiming to be Yellow Vests, the Namur mayor said. “They came at about four a.m. and woke up my wife, my children and the entire neighbourhood,” said the cdH leader, who is also a member of Wallonia’s parliament. “They threw rocks, flour, set off firecrackers and sprayed the front of the house, shouting confused messages,” he said, noting that the group had not requested any discussion with him before the incident.

    Many photos posted by the parliamentarian on his Facebook page show the damage caused by the protesters and placards they planted in his garden bearing slogans such as “No transparency, no democracy”, “RIC, not N-VA” and “The Leopold Park, not an anti-beggar settlement”.

    However, Prévot said he had no intention of filing a complaint. “The damage is not irreversible and will not need the intervention of professionals,” he explained. “Moreover, I am unable to identify them.”

    “I do not want to waste the time of the police, who have much more important things to do,” he added.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times