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    More than half of Belgians want a ‘binding’ climate law

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    © Belga

    More than half of Belgians (53%) believe that the country must have a binding climate law, according to a survey conducted on behalf of the coalition “Sign For My Future, “released Tuesday. According to the survey – conducted among some 2,000 people from March 8 to 13 – 51% of Flemish, 52% of Walloons and 63% of Brussels residents think that Belgium should approve a binding climate law. For only 10%, the climate issue is not an urgent problem to solve now.

    A large majority (73%) also say they want to know the cost of climate solutions and 64% of respondents want a large-scale investment plan that allows citizens and businesses to implement effective solutions. For 45% of respondents, the climate issue will certainly affect their electoral behaviour.

    Six out of ten Belgians say they want to vote for a party that sees climate measures as opportunities to ensure prosperity and well-being in the future, says Sign For my Future.

    Finally, 60% of respondents believe that it is not too late, but believe that action must be taken, because the problems linked to global warming will not solve themselves.

    In February, the “Sign For My Future” coalition launched an online petition inviting on citizens to sign up for strong climate policy. To date, more than 195,000 people have signed it.

    The Brussels Times